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Khazakhan is a Bloodthirster and leader of the Helfire Legion of Khorne. He has fought extensively in the Realm of Shyish to claim it for the Blood God.[1a]


Age of Chaos

Khazakhan leads the Helfire Legion against the undead at the Battle of Dirge Peak. When it appears the undead are about to be overwhelmed, Nagash sacrifices a thousand prisoners to power the summoning of the entire population of Nordyrie, part of the underworld of Hallost. The summoned Nighthaunt completely destroy the Legion except for Khazakhan himself.[1b]

Age of Sigmar

In the wake of the Necroquake, Khazakhan is summoned by the warlord Thur to fight the Grimguard procession of Nighthaunt at the Battle of Ghrun. The mortals and daemons break the attack of the Grimguard and Khazakhan almost destroys the Mortarch of Grief, Lady Olynder, but he is prevented from claiming her spectral skull by the untimely arrival of Nagash and Arkhan the Black.[1a][1b]


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