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The Highport of Brightspear.

A kharadron enclave, or embassy-port, consist of a kharadron establishment within another faction’s settlement. In this they differ from Kharadron Outposts who are remote establishments of the Kharadron Empire.

By establishing enclaves, the Kharadron Empire attempts to gain a chokehold over trade with their allies.[1a]

Diplomatic Ties

To ensure that their relations with others are to their benefit, the Kharadron Overlords establish ever evolving webs of trade agreements and contracts with their trade partners.[3a][2b] They often invest in the construction of vital commercial infrastructure in foreign settlements by handling the contracts and providing the design, materials and labour.[2b] This allows them to establish monopolies over key trade routes and resources.[2b] As a result, kharadron enclaves have grown exponentially in both size and influence.[1a]

While the Cities of Sigmar are an important market for the Kharadron Overlords, the skyfarers make sure to diversify their trading opportunities. Deals with Orruks and Ossiarch Bonereapers are but a glimpse of the grand trade network maintained by the Kharadron Empire.[1a]

Commercial Practices

Due to their extensive trade network, kharadron airships are often laden with rare and exotic goods from every corner of the Mortal Realms.[1b]

As the most technologically advanced civilization in the Mortal Realms, the Kharadron Overlords look upon human technology with bemused contempt. Many Kharadrons have taken advantage of this state of affair to sell outdated cogwork machines and blackpowder weapons that are laughably simplistic by kharadron standards.[1a][4a]

Kharadrons have often taken advantage human naivety and ignorance to charge extortionate prices for vital supplies, undermine their trading partners whenever possible, and make a fortune by selling 'real, genuine realmstone' or useless artefacts that they claim possess magical powers.[1a][1b]

Barak-Mhornar, in particular, is suspected to be heavily involved in most black markets and the illicit trade that supply them.[1b]

In settlements without realmgates, kharadron trade fleets are often required to supply the location in vital resources.[2a] Kharadron sky-fleets are also known to ferry settlers to friendly settlements.[2a]

Kharadron Diaspora

When the Kharadron Overlords invest in a friendly settlement, they do more than establishing an embassy-port. Great banks, currency exchange centers, general stores, inns and investment firms all run, built and financed by Kharadrons rapidly become common sight in friendly settlements.[2d][2e]

Many Kharadrons even come to live amongst the locals. The luxurious grand houses of prosperous merchants cast large shadows over the city beneath them.[2c][5]

Known Enclaves

Following is a list of the known locations that house a kharadron enclave, as well as the name of their associated kharadron enclave when applicable.


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