Khaphtar Sea

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Khaphtar Sea is the Underworld of the Drowned Dead found in the Realm of Shyish.[1]

The Khaphtar Sea was a massive ocean and one of the myriad underworlds that make up the Realm of Shyish, it is also known as the Sea of Suicides. This darksome epithet was attained, because the Khaphtar Sea is where the corpses of all of those mortals that drowned themselves in despair can be found. This underworld grew to be quite populous during the horrific Age of Chaos.[1]

It was also once the home of the Khaphtar Enclave of Idoneth Deepkin, who used the sea to hide from the gaze of Nagash and his undead hordes for centuries, before the coming of the skaven forced them to flee.[1a]


Before the coming of Nagash, this underworld belonged to the deity known as the Brine-God. During it's reign over the Khaphtar Sea, the pallid corpses that filled it were motionless. But after the Brine-God was defeated by the Great Necromancer, the corpses came to life and began to grasp at the nothingness of the inky depths.[1a]

The construction of the Great Black Pyramid attracted the attentions of many beings that could scry the future, giving them malign portents of dark and destructive events that could come to pass if Nagash's plans went uncontested. Among these gifted beings were the Warpseers of the Skaven, monstrous prophets seeking to advance the manifold agendas of the Great Horned Rat. Though the Warpseer Council ordered the rest of the Masterclan to move against Nagash, it was not due to any great love of the Mortal Realms. The Skaven simply sought to steal the grave-sand that was used to make the pyramid.[1a]

Thus the great chittering legions of Blight City were united and set about creating Gnawholes to use to invade the Realm of Shyish. The first of these gnawholes drilled a hole into the Khaphtar Sea and by doing so they not only caused the water of the underworld to drain away, they also flooded their network of gnawholes. Entire generations of ratmen were washed away and the resultant floods carried many of the sea-zombies of Khaphtar into Blight City, it is said that parts of Blight City are still engulfed in wars to exterminate the undead.[1a]

The draining of the Sea of Suicides also revealed the presence of the Khaphtar Enclave, a city of Idoneth that had managed to hide themselves from Nagash and his forces for untold centuries. The Idoneth of Khaphtar hastily reached out to their cousins of the Laebrea Basin, swearing fealty to them in exchange for succor and safety.[1a]


Before the events leading up to the Necroquake, the Khaphtar Sea was a truly vast and expansive ocean. It held within it the corpses of all those mortal souls that had drowned themselves in despair. During the horrific atrocities of the Age of Chaos, it was practically choked by the mass of cadavers found within it.[1a]

But that was before the Skaven drilled a hole into the bottom of it, draining the entirety of the underworld's water into the Skaven's gnawhole network and verminopolis of Blight City. [1a]

It is separated from the Laebrea Basin, the tarry sea that serves as home to the Laebreans, by the Amiritanni Ridge, which saved the Basin from sharing the same fate as the Khaphtar Sea. While the Bleached Isthmus separates the Basin from the Great Quagmire, home of the Greater Enclave of the Mor'phann resides. 2a


  • Sea-Zombies: Once these were lifeless cadavers that choked the vast ocean, after Nagash claimed the underworld as his own they became animated.[1a]
  • Khaphtar Enclave: An enclave of Idoneth Deepkin who once called the sea their home. Until they had to flee it, to escape the ire of Nagash.[1a]