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The society of the Daughters of Khaine is centred around their Temples, ranging from small shrines to mighty Temple Cities like Hagg Nar or Ironshard. Each temple is controlled by one of the Khainite Sects and follows that sect's interpretation of the Khainite creed, but all ultimately pay fealty to Morathi in Hagg Nar.[1a]

Temple Cities

Khainite temple cities are most common in Ulgu, though they can also be found elsewhere. These cities often start as a small shrine at a location of strategic or religious importance and expand over time to a fortified temple and eventually a full metropolis centred around the original shrine, which by now will have likely grown to similarly impressive size. Hagg Nar, first and greatest of the temple cities, began as a small temple above the Helleflux and grew with the cult so that now the Helleheart temple at its core is a fortress that stretches from the sky to the depths of the earth, and the city that surrounds it now dominates its mountainous island.[1a][2a][2b]

City Shrines

Ever since the alliance between Sigmar and Morathi was renewed after the Battle of Dolmen Heights, the Daughters of Khaine have fought alongside the God-King's armies. Following the Realmgate Wars and the founding of Cities of Sigmar, temple-embassies were established amongst the Sigmarites. Most Free Cities now host at least one temple to Khaine, and even those that do not are often visited by travelling bands of Khainite faithful in the guise of troupes of wandering gladiators.[2c][3a] The exact nature of the temple can vary; for example, the temple of Elrith Ceyl in Greywater Fastness maintains a fearsome reputation that dissuades outsiders from approaching it, while in Anvilgard (before it fell), watching the gladiatorial fights at what locals called the Hag's Sacrament was a popular pastime in certain quarters.[4a][5a]

Such is the success of the Daughters of Khaine at establishing themselves in Sigmar's Empire that it is said that Azyrheim is second only to Hagg Nar itself in the number of Khainite sects represented within its walls.[6a]


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