Khainite Shadowstalkers

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Khainite Shadowstalkers are Morathi's trusted assassins and saboteurs. Chosen from the Daughters of Khaine each is branded with the shademark a sorcerous pact that grants supernatural abilities while binding their souls to the Shadow Queen’s eternal servitude. [1]


Each Shadowstalker have been granted the mircath, the ‘shademark’ a brand woven from Ulguan sorcery that allowing them to wield the night as a weapon and allows them to travel the Umbral Web, a pattern of shadow magic that connects each of the Eight Realms thus they can slip past almost any barrier both physical and magical. However travelling these dark paths causes them to be more pallid and wraith-like with every journey quickening their demise. Some even forge pacts with shadow daemons, becoming one with the darkness and bleeding abyssal nothingness when cut and gain the power to command the shadows of their target throttling their owner or stabbing them in the back with blades formed from their own shadow. While becoming a Shadowstalkers is considered as a great honour, it also allows Morathi to dispose of Khainites she considers a potential threat.[1][2]


Shroud Queen


Darkflame Warlock



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