Khagra's Ravagers

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{{{3}}} Khagra's Ravagers
Khagra's Ravagers 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Chaos
Faction Slaves to Darkness
Leader Khagra the Usurper (in conflict)
Zarshia Bittersoul (in conflict)
Members Dour Cragan
Razek Godblessed

Khagra's Ravagers are a warband of Slaves to Darkness, composed of Chaos Warriors and single Chaos Sorceress, led by Khagra the Usurper. They believe that the Direchasm is the site of the culmination of their goals.[1a][2]



Of the many motives that lead warbands into the dark heart of Beastgrave, few are as brazenly violent as that which drives Khagra the Usurper and her band of Slaves to Darkness. As they see it, the mountain will be the culmination of their personal path to glory; a final proving ground where they will earn the attention of the Dark Gods. They intend no less than to dominate Beastgrave itself, turning it to the service of Chaos by desecrating the mountain’s every chamber through dark sorcery and brutal sacrifice.[3] Originally under the leadership of Zarshia Bittersoul, this warband entered the Beastgrave as part of their personal path to glory. Their goal was to corrupt the mountain to the service of Chaos by desecrating all the chambers with dark sorcery and brutal sacrifices. Within these chambers they found themselves trapped by a gnashing chamber where their doom would be certain had not Khagra wedged the shield between the floor and the descending ceiling and carved her way out of the rocky gullet. Since then the other two Warriors, Cragan and Razek follow Khagra while Zarshia plans to overturn her upstart sibling.[1a][2]


Overtime, the warband eventually made their way to the Eightpoints in hopes they may join the Host of the Everchosen. Zarshia has not yet abandoned her own ambitions, however, and is poised to overturn her upstart sibling when the opportunity arises.[4]


Khagra the Usurper

Main article: Khagra the Usurper

Khagra the Usurper is the leader of the namesake warband. She and her warband were once led by her Chaos Sorcerer sister Zarshia Bittersoul. However, when they first entered Beastgrave, Zarshia led them into a gnashing chamber that would have slain them but for Khagra’s quick reactions. The Aspiring Champion wedged her shield between the cavern floor and the encroaching ceiling, before carving a way out of the rocky gullet. As the group emerged, the brutal warriors Cragan and Razek turned to Khagra for direction, and she has led them since.[3] Since their time in the Beastgrave, Khagra has become a Chaos Champion and in her realm-spanning travels, she has faced and defeated towering troggoths, brutish orruks and the lightning warriors of Sigmar’s Stormcast Eternals. Eventually, she led her warband to the Eightpoints. She claims that only one soul in the Eightpoints could stand against her – and she travels there to seek a place in his legions.[4]

Zarshia Bittersoul

Main article: Zarshia Bittersoul

Zarshia Bittersoul is a Chaos Sorcerer who once led the warband now known as Khagra's Ravagers. When they first entered Beastgrave, Zarshia led them into a gnashing chamber that would have slain them but for Khagra’s quick reactions. Since then, the rest of the warband has looked to Khagra as the leader.[3]

Dour Cragan

Main article: Dour Cragan

Dour Cragan is a Warrior of Chaos armed with a Hellforged Axe and Sword.[4]

Razek Godblessed

Main article: Razek Godblessed

Razek Godblessed is a Warrior of Chaos armed with a Hellforged Sword and Chaos Runeshield.[4]



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