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Keldrisaíth are the serpent-crested staves granted to Melusai Ironscales upon their appointment to lead the armies of the Daughters of Khaine. Not merely badges of office, the enchantments in these staves make them deadly weapons.[1a][2a]


The Keldrisaíth can fire devastating bolts of shadow magic into the foe at range, while in close combat the blade on the staff's butt-end can be used by the Ironscale with all the skill of her Melusai sisters. However, the true danger of the Keldrisaíth is the serpents on its crest; while they may appear to simply be ornamental, when the correct words of power are spoken they strike out with surprising swiftness. The serpents seek out the foe's heart and will bury themselves in the enemy's flesh to grasp it with their fangs before tearing it out and returning it to their mistress.[1a][2a]