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Kelara is a Naereid, custodian of the kelp forests in the Sea of Serpents.[1]

She does not carry any weapons but rather tools such as a jagged-edged clamshell kept in a pouch at her waist which she used to prune kelp stalks and scrape off parasites or encrustations. [1]


She and her sisters tend the kelp forests in the shallows on the edge of the Sea of Serpents, suriving through the Age of Chaos when so many of Alarielle’s other children fell to the invading forces of Chaos. [1]

Whilst they mainly dealt with incursions by the large slow creatures of the deeper ocean who on occasion would enter the shallows. [1]

At the beginning of the Age of Sigmar her kelp forests were invaded by Nurgle Rotbringers and several of her sisters slain, parts of the forest tainted. She sought an audience with Usniel, the Lord of the Deeps to try and convince him to fight against the forces of Chaos when she heard the cry of her goddess when her last refuge was found. [1]

Although her lord would not act, she trained her sisters for war when suddenly the ice above froze, investigating she found the forces of Nurgle pursing Alarielle and her guardians. She led her Naereids and joined the fight, briefly meeting Retributor-Prime Markius of the Hallowed Knights. [1]

Great corrupted serpents arose which they fought, killing one by diving into its mouth ramming her spear into the back of its throat. Unconscious, she was rescued by her sisters and saw that the Lady of Vines had reached safety on the far shore. [1]


Every year the blight intrudes deeper into the kelp forests. My Naereids can barely contain it. And now the forces of Chaos strike directly at our realm. Cousin, we have stood by for too long. We must fight back!

~Kelara to Lord Usniel .[1]


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