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Kazgrak da Hamma is a bad-tempered Orruk of the Da Choppas warclan. He is also one of the Daggboyz, the most trusted and veteran followers of Overboss Ka-rokk, the leader of the warclan.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

During Da Choppas campaign through Rondhol he aimed to be the first of Da Choppas to reach Everquake City. The spearpoint of the Waaagh!, his Brawl defeated a flotilla from Barak-Nar sent to investigate the situation at Brinnock before being ambushed by the Kraken Blades Stormhost while shooting the Diamondback Rapids. [1a]


He, like the rest of the Daggboyz, wears navy armour covered in chequered patterns and triangular "dags".[2a]