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Kazarkos is a Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage known as the Butcher of Aridia. He was bound to the service of Be'lakor against his will and played a major role in several of the battles leading up to the creation of the Cursed Skies.[1a][2a]


Age of Chaos

Kazarkos earns his title by leading the massacre in the eastern steppes of the Great Parch of Aqshy. He rampages across the realm for centuries, slaughtering at will, until he falls to a Saurus Scar-Veteran on the Orb Infernia. His banishment means that he is unable to return to the Mortal Realms for a thousand years and instills in him an even greater hatred of the Seraphon.

Age of Sigmar

Be'lakor manipulates the summoning of Kazarkos from his exile and binds him using his true name. [1a]

Battle of Tepok's Eye

The Dark Master grants the Bloodthirster command of a force of similarly bound Daemons of Khorne and Khorne Bloodbound and tasks him, along with the Lord of Change F'tanax and his Tzeentchian forces, to attack the seraphon mountain fortress guarding Tepok's Eye, an ancient prophetic device built by the Old Ones.[1a]

Kazarkos and his followers are ambushed by a force of Saurus Knights in the jungles in the mountain foothills. While Kazarkos and his Khornates eagerly enter battle, F'tanax and his Tzeentchians begin their ascent of the mountain. Kazarkos kills Kar-Mok, the Saurus Scar-Veteran leading the ambush, and many of the Saurus Knights.[1a]

Once the saurus have either died or fled, Kazarkos smells foul magic on the air. He charges up the mountain to find F'tanax engaged in a mystic duel with the Slann Starmaster Olhupec, and takes to the sky to end it. Despite F'tanax treacherously attempting to slay Kazarkos along with the slann, the Bloodthirster decapitates Olhupec. He then turns his rage on F'tanax. The two Greater Daemons destroy Tepok's Eye in their fighting before Be'lakor appears to restrain them for the next phase of his plan.[1a]

Battle of the Golden Gate

Kazarkos and F'tanax are joined by the Great Unclean One Gebbolax for the assault on the Gate of White Gold. The defenders of the realmgate repulse the first six assaults. Kazarkos leads another charge that destroys the pair of Cogforts known as the Silver Martyrs and the Bloodthirster destroys three Steam Tanks with his great axe. Despite a spirited counter-charge by gunners and engineers, Kazarkos breaks through and leads his followers towards the inner defences, only for the Sigmarite Brotherhood Stormhost to arrive to reinforce the defenders.[2b]

As was their nature, Kazarkos' forces attack the newly arrived Stormcast Eternals with brutal swiftness. Kazarkos meets the charge of the Sigmarite Brotherhood Dracothian Guard led by Lord-Celestant Diocis on the stardrake Raxastemes with his great axe, cleaving two Fulminators in two, but even he is unable to break the line. He is eventually brought down by Raxastemes' celestial breath after being battered by the hammers of Doctis and his Concussors and is banished once again to the Realm of Chaos[2c]


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