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Katophranes of Shadespire within their shadeglass prisons.

Katophranes are the ancient human rulers of the city of Shadespire who were condemned and punished by Nagash for seeking immortality. [1][2]


The Katophranes were the first mortals to discover that souls could be caputred within shadeglass. They used this to transform Shadespire from a desert outpost to a vast city. Over time, they further refined their mastery over shadeglass, allowing the construction of all matter of wonders that allowed the Katophranes to live on after death.[2]

For denying him his rightful souls, they were judged by Nagash, who appeared before their much-vaunted city walls and proclaimed to all, You have been judged and found wanting. And so, the sentence is passed..[1a]

With those words a dark storm swept through the the entire city as it was dispatched to a prison between the Mortal Realms.[1a][2]

Those Katophranes who managed to reach the Faneway before it was destroyed continued to exist but were trapped within the shadeglass. Whilst they were able to move anywhere where there was shadeglass in the banished city, they were unable to touch, feel, taste and many would go insane as the centuries and millennia passed.[1b]


The arts of the bow and sword were as important and as well regarded as those of the brush and the lute. [1a]

Those who died were consigned to the Faneway a nexus of shadeglass that enabled them to both continue existence and communicate with their descendants.[1a]


They practised slavery, with many specific traditions associated with their slaves as in all aspects of their society. The history of who owned them was tattooed upon them and their tongues removed. [1a]

Blade-slaves competed in the war gardens and were used to train Katophranes in combat or to provide amusement, but were forbidden to draw blood in this training. [1a]


  • Makesh: A scholar and archer in life. [1a]
  • Sadila Hausa: Daughter of the Fourth House of Shadespire, bearer of the Red Laurel. [1]


And what do I care for the worries of a few milk-blooded scriveners? We are Katophranes, Mekesh. Heirs to a kingdom hewn out of desolation. Our glory knows no rival, in this realm or any other. Even death itself is no match for our might.

~Sadila Hausa.[1a]

The secrets of our order make gods of mortal beings.

~Grand Katophrane Temultus.[3a]