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Kathag was formerly the Exalted Deathbringer of Lord Ruhok’s Gorechosen [1]

This page contains spoilers for: Neferata: Mortarch of Blood (novel)


His face is barely human as he has sliced his cheeks open, stretching his lips into a perpetual grimace of hate whilst the scars on his bare torso are so numerous, they have turned his hide into leathered armour. The horns he wears give him the appearance of a beast of war, a thing of coiled muscle and burning rage. His voice is however, surprisingly soft. [1a]


As Lord Ruhok led his warhorde to the walls of the city of Nulahmia, he was confronted by its queen, Neferata who parlayed with him despite the warning given by Kathag. In truth the chaos lord considered him a threat at that point as he did not like the depths of Kathag’s self-discipline. The Deathbringer had not challenged Ruhok’s reign, fighting loyally for him but his ability to channel his anger into still waters was a profound threat. [1a]

When they assaulted the city he was at his lord’s side, still suspicious of the vampire queen’s words and plots. [1b]

He was proven right when Neferata unleashed the Maw of Unmaking and only he recognised it for what it was, refusing to look into its depths and be entranced. He turned and ran, tearing through the other gorechosen, fleeing the collapsing city and the all-destroying hunger at his back with the vampire’s words ringing in his ears - Tell them all! Tell your god what you have seen this night. [1c]


Then I will not return, and you will be Lord. And so you will be spared a duel you could not win. You should be grateful to the vampire. Perhaps offer her a few skulls………… You accept insults too easily.

~ Ruhok to Kathag.[1a]


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