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Karanak is the a three-headed daemon and the greatest of the Flesh Hounds. It is Khornes personal hunter and the physical manifestation of his wrathful vengeance. When not on the hunt, Karanak lies at the foot of Khorne’s skull mountain, gnawing on those unworthy of his master’s throne.[1][2]

Karanak is often sent to hunt down those who have caused the Blood God’s infinite wrath to erupt and it will hunt the target not only across time and space but even in the dreamscapes of their minds. Once he has located his prey, Karanak kills his victim with lightning speed before dragging the carcass to the Brass Citadel, where it is laid at his master’s feet.[2]


The first head of Karnak tracks its prey across space and will pick the blood-scent of its target regardless of where they run or in which realm they hide. The second head is able to perceive through time allowing it to see those who try to hide from Khorne’s wrath in the past as well as those who will incite his rage in the future. The third head tracks the movements of prey from within their own mind, through dreamscapes and delusion and only the insane can escape their own thoughts. [2]

It wears the Brass Collar of Bloody Vengeance causing wizards to tremble where it prowls as their spells are unbound and even Endless Spells are dispelled. Further it can summon more flesh hounds to the feast with a primal call.[1]

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