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Kalja is a human survivor of a tribe that had scrapped an existence on the Brimstone Peninsula. [1]


As a survivor of a brutal life on the Peninsula, Kalja appears grey skinned and emaciated with many scars, clad only in rags, her hair long and lank with a rough blunt knife at her belt. [1]


She had been told that her bloodline was ancient and strong, leading back to the time before the Age of Chaos fell upon them. Her tribe was once forty strong, but the old and the infants were caught and killed, slowly. She and the others that could still run fled before the Bloodreavers, brutal followers of Khorne. [1]

They witnessed the first clash between the Goretide and the Hammers of Sigmar and she joined them as the horde of Chaos was broken, killing a blood warrior herself. Vandus Hammerhand found her there after the battle, marvelling that she had survived at all, untainted. [1]


How many, I know not. If others live, then they are hunted as we were.

~Kalja to Vandus.[1]