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Kairos Fateweaver is a powerful Lord of Change.[2]


He is a master of magic, able to transform foes with boons of mutating flesh, turning them into tentacle-ridden Chaos Spawn, or incinerate them with multicoloured blasts of fire. Since Kairos had been thrown into the Well of Eternity by Tzeentch his personality is split into two different heads. The right head can see the future clearly, and the left head sees the past, but both heads are blind to see the present. [6]


He carries the Staff of Tomorrow into battle.[2][3] The staff is taller than a glimmerleaf tree and bound with numerous enchantments that give its wielder extensive knowledge of what will soon come to pass.[1a]


Kairos has, at times, manipulated other Lords of Change into soul-binding pacts with him. These Lords of Change become known as Allscryers, for they serve as a link to the present for Kairos, allowing him to see the present as well as the past and the future.[1b]


During the Age of Chaos and the early part of the Age of Sigmar he acted as an untrustworthy and mocking patron to the sorcerer Ephryx the Ninth Disciple of Tzeentch. He intended for him to enact a ritual that would move the entire Realm of Chamon into the Realm of Chaos and bring it under the direct control of his master and god. However he lost control of Ephryx who struck him down with a Staff of Change, incapacitating him long enough for Vandus Hammerhand to claim Ghal Maraz and destroy the physical form of the Greater Daemon.[5]

Duke Phosphrin of the Sky Shoals sought a powerful crystal owned by Kairos that will grant great power and immortality to it's wielder.[4]

At the head of a large army of demons of Tzeentch, he laid siege to the heavenly sky-port of Barak-Zon for 99 days. The defenders held out long enough for a fleet of major sky-ports to arrive under the command of Brokk Grungsson and repel Kairos' band of demons.[7][8]



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