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Kaelena is a Soulblight vampire.[1a]

She has held for many centuries a fortress that holds a Realmgate between Realm of Shyish and the Realm of Ghyran, allowing her to move at will between them. It also contains a Stormvault. If she felt threatened she would simply cross from one realm to another. [1a]


Her living servants and lesser vampires brought her a regular harvest of people on which she could feed. [1a]


Age of Chaos

Kaelena was alive before the War of Retribution began, a mage of Azyr before she choose to became a vampire. [1a]

Age of Sigmar

She had not left her home for centuries before Neave Blacktalon and her team were dispatched to re-activate the Penumbral Engine and destroy her memories so she was unable to access or use the contents of the vault. [1a]


Memories are a funny thing are they not? They can define you....and they can damn you. And they always come back to haunt you

~ Kaelena.[1a]



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