K'daai Fireborn

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Three miniatures of K'daai Fireborn.

K'daai Fireborn are a race of powerful half-daemon and half-raging fire shock troops that serve the Legion of Azgorh.[1][2]


Between battles these creatures of daemonic flame slumber as cold frameworks of barbed metal, raging back into existence when unleashed upon a foe, becoming mindless elemental forces of destruction that attack with their burning irons. Their bodies are made of etheral flames allowing them to soar through the air streaming great arcs of fire. With a gesture they cast a wave of daemonic flame that immolates their foes.[1][2]


These beings are created by the priests of Hashut, when they tried to create something more than a mere bound spirit. They forge them with dark arts, by drawing magma from the deep earth and birthing them with the boiling blood sacrifices on Hashut's altar. They are then bound and given form in a armoured framework of articulated iron and rune-stamped bronze.[1][2]


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