Juggernaut of Khorne

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A Juggernaut mount being ridden by a Lord of Khorne.

Juggernauts of Khorne are Daemon Beasts of the Blood God used as mount and cavalry by the Blood God's servants, both their fellow Daemons of Khorne and the mortal Khorne Bloodbound.


They are beasts of corded muscle and brazen brass, muscular beyond reckoning and encased in brass armour that displays barbs, pistons, chains, chainmail, blades, symbols and iconography of Khorne. Each of them posses bladed or spiked crests and spiked collars on their heads.[2][5][3]


A group of Bloodcrushers fighting Vanguard-Palladors.

These daemons are massively resilient and incredibly strong, with a charge powerful enough to shake the ground and wreck a battleline in a single stampede, trampling and gouging their foes with their brazen hooves.[1c][2][5]

They attack with a frenzied bite.[4]


Juggernauts are primarily used as heavy mounts and cavalry.




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