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Elder Judd is a Duardin, the War-Mourner of the Gazul-Zagaz. [1]


He is clad in black with heavy bronze armour and bears a heavy war hammer as well as an iron staff topped by a dirge-bell. Tomes marked with the Khazalid rune of death hang from him on chains. Where others of his people wear ornate death-masks, his face is painted with ash and soot to resemble a skull. [1]


In the Age of Sigmar, having suffered for generations the depredations of the Keeper of Secrets, Amin'Hrith, the Soulflayer he made an alliance with Stormcast Eternals under Lord-Aquilor Sathphren Swiftblade and together they defeated the Greater Daemon. [1]


If we are victorious, we will guide you to the ruins of the City of Crows. And we we aid you in opening the way for your kin, as best we can……….And if we fail – we will add your name to the Great Dirge.

~Elder Judd to Kazrug to Sathphren Swiftblade .[1]


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