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Jercho is a collection of city-states near the Sea of Bones in the Realm of Ghur which was ruled by the Sun-Kings until the Age of Sigmar. [1]


Age of Chaos

They survived the Age of Chaos intact, partly due to isolation. [1]

Age of Sigmar

They have fought battles against the reptilian sankrit, including a victory at Heliopalis [1]

During his flight from the pursuit of Hamilcar Bear-Eater, the mortarch of Night Mannfred von Carstein subverted the Sun-King of Jercho, Joraad el Ranoon.[1]

Sarmiel el Talamé, a general of Jercho, encountered Hamilcar Bear-Eater, who was dying of thirst, and the Bear-Eaters in the Sea of Bones, sometime after. He aided the Lord-Castellant and brought him and his surviving warriors to the capital city for which the nation was named.[1]

Eventually, Hamilcar and his forces realize that Joraad has been subverted and overthrow the vampiric king. Afterwards the city-states of Jercho rejoin the empire of the God-King.[1]


The cities were ruled by the sun-kings until the last king, Joraad el Ranoon and his son were killed by Hamilcar.[1]


  • Capital City of Jercho: The central city seems to bear the same name as the nation. [1]
    • Central Citadel: Built with white stone and equipped with arrowslits framed with gold, on the highest rampart is the throne of the king set beneath a canopy that shades it from the never setting sun above. At its heart is the Moon Palace where legend has it the first sun-king imprisoned the night. [1]
    • Plaza Solar: A large expanse of marble, dotted with fountains that lies before the citadel. [1]
    • The Gates of Noon[1]
    • Sacred Mile of Jercho: A road that leads from the Gates of Noon to the Plaza Solar and the Central Citadel of the Capital. [1]


Its soldiers are armed either with spear and shield or long composite bows of hewn-beam and grindworm teeth. Armour is limited to leather breastplates, leather skirts with bronze plates and bronze masks. In contrast the Solar Guard are protected by full plate armour and use curved polearms.[1]

The Jerech Blue Skies is a famous Freeguild hailing from Jerech that served Hamilcar for many years and eventually settled in Seven Words.[2a]


Its inhabitants are mostly humans known as Jerchese or Jerech.[1][2b]


The native language of the people of Jercho is known as Jerech.[2b]


Look upon Jercho’s wealth. And these towers, so grand, earthly twins to those of Sigmaron herself! Two Mortal Realms have I waged holy war upon, Hamilcar, and never seen the like of Jercho – a nation of city-states, as yet unmarred by the Age of Chaos. Their confidence and power would be a boon to Sigmar’s equal to anything we have achieved in Ghur thus far.

~Liberator Prime Thracius to Hamilcar.[1]