Jarkan Alfrostun

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Icon of the Jarkan Alfrostun.

The Jarkan Alfrostun is a tribe of the Ogor Beastclaw Raiders. [1]

It is said that the Jarkan can control their Everwinter. Its mysterious Frostlord is known only as the Storm Speaker, and the tales claim he can hear the voice of Gork on the winds. [1b]

The Jarkan tribe is a known Svarthegn, a tribe lead by a former Huskard Torr. The Jarkan are also noteworthy in that every ogor and mount has blue skin.[1a]


  • Sometime in the Age of Chaos Huskard Torr Asger became Frostlord of the Jarkan Alfrostun after their previous leader was slain by Tzeentch Arcanites. The magic of change mixed with the Everwinter of the Alfrostun, and a sorcerous chill worked its way into the meat and blood of Asger, his warriors and their beasts, turning the ogors’ flesh and their mounts’ hides a glacial blue. With rapidly forming layers of frost falling from their skin with every step, the Alfrostun rode on seeking new prey[1a]


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