Speaker in the Stone

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The Speaker in the Stone - also known as the Jade God - is a chaotic entitity of unknown origins that is worshipped the warrior-masons of the Jade Obelisk.[1a]


The Speaker in the Stone is a chaotic entitity whose spirits inhabits the great obelisk of Nephricar, the center of Jade Obelisk society. While its true appearance is unknown, it is believed the daemonic Idolarcs bear some resemblance to their god.[1a]


Given the violent reaction to the news of a downed Seraphon Ziggurat-Ship at the heart of the Gnarlwood, some amongst the Nephrite Priesthood of the Jade Obelisk have speculated that the lost Old Ones revered by the Seraphon may have been responsible for the Speakers imprisonment.[1b] It remained latent within the great monument was brought to the city of Vexothskol. It had been bought at great expense from a foreign land by the Mason-King Mephrobaal, who had spent many exhausting hours carving strange sigils on its surface. During the Age of Chaos, when a horde of daemons besieged the great city, these marking began to pulse with energy, unleashing tremors that shook Nephricar.[1a]

As the terrified populace watched on, an avian form dragged its way out of the obelisk. Its flesh was rough as chipped rock and its bloated body ended in a serpentine tail that writhed hideously. The creature settled atop the monument that had birthed it, and as it did so, all present heard a keening voice echo in their skull. It did not come from the daemon-bird, for it was merely the herald of another, infinitely more powerful being - an ancient, formless entity that had been entombed within the monument for aeons until the bloodshed and terror of the Age of Chaos awakened it. Still unable to manifest in its true glory, the Speaker in the Stone demanded sacrifices to renew its strength. In return for these offerings, the people of Nephricar would be granted the power to obliterate the daemon army besieging the. Mephrobaal and his subjects willingly embraced this pact, damning their souls for eternity, but ultimately saving the last of their society.[1a]


With each new idol erected in the Speaker in the Stone's honour, its strength grew and its ability to manifest new arcane powers increased. It was believed that one day it might even tear itself free from its jade prison and once more bestride the realm in all its glory. In time, the lands surrounding Vexothskol were littered with such structures. Fed by the blood of ritually sacrificed prisoners, these obelisks grew in size and power, absorbing the magical energies of the land and sometimes birthing more of the daemonic birds known as Idolarcs.[1a]