Jacques vil Granciere

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In life Jacques vil Granciere was an renowned thief known as Grey Jacques and the Scourge of the Dostoyem Nobility, he is now a revenant on the Latchkey Isle. [1a]

Jacques is athletic in buld, clad in to the eyes of Shevanya Arclis an antique style including a embroidered ruff around his neck. He has numerous throwing knives sheathed across his chest, a compound bow on his back a rapier whilst one hand has a guantlet with a grapnel. Although he appears in good health with lively sparking eyes, Shevanya noted that he had a strange distance to his gaze. [1a]

The golden eyed cats that stalk the Isle regard him fondly. [1e]


He stole the Crown of Ice from High Prince Kazirus and claimed to have bedded all the wives and husbands of the lords of the Paradise City of Gul.[1a]

He is unaware of how long he has been on the Latchkey Isle - the afterlife for thieves, but he had seen all of the Isle except for the Vault of Stars. [1a]


Why, I have no idea, my lady. That is why the Isle is such a wonderous paradise. Who knows what lies behind each door? Perhaps some beautuful work of art, ripe for the taking. Perhaps a fair maiden with a voice as sweet as honeyed wine. Perhaps a stern warrior, guarding a secret beyond imaaging. One can never know.

~ Jacques vil Granciere to Shevanya Arclis .[1a]

Death is merely a state of mind. Here, I am no longer subject to the ravages of time, nor the tiresome laws of so called civilised folk. I gifted the gods with secrets untold, and this is my reward. A life of endless adventure, with all the wine and song one could wish for.

~ Jacques vil Granciere.[1a]