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The Symbol of the Ivory Host

The Ivory Host, also known as the Ghur-Tamers, the Scrimshawed Legion, and the Teratomorti, are a Ossiarch Legion crafted from the tusks and bones of the great Ghurish behemoths. This Legion's ambitions are great, for they wish to claim the entirety of Ghur for Nagash, no matter the cost. Whenever a great beast is slain by this host, they will take it's Bine and build a Necropolis at the site of it's death, bedecking the site with tanned furs and skins as a reminder that military order and skill surpass any beast. [1]

And yet, these polished and gleaming warriors harbour a simmering secret, for underneath all of fine metals scrimshawed with finely carved runes lies a searing rage that can explode into berserk violence at any time. For Ghur's bestial energy cannot be dismissed; from the heavy use of Amberstone in their phylacteries to the very ivory they are made from, if there were to be even a small crack in their bones, then the bestial energy will pour out around them and cause utter mayhem. This is excused by the host given their multitude of victories over the wild beasts of the realm, but yet, they know in their souls that they are all naught but cursed berserkers that will ultimately be conquered by the beast. [1]


The Host is lead in it's ambition to conquer Ghur by it's Queen, Ghuri-Xza, the Monarch of Tusks. They take as much pride in being artisans as well as warriors, marching in tight lockstep from their bone galleons, creating Necropolises and ships of war possesed with a strange and morbid beauty. But once decorum is forgotten and their true nature seeps through, they commit atrocity after atrocity through the realm of beasts, all precision forgotten. [1]


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