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Ivory is a valuable material harvested from beasts.[1a]


The coastal region of Kald, in the Realm of Ghur, regularly trades in ivory.[2a] Logs of ivory are one of the many trade goods shipped into the Free City of Hammerhal on a daily basis.[3a]


In the Cities of Sigmar many materials are used to make armor and ivory is no exception.[2b]

During Radukar's reign in Ulfenkarn hundreds of marble fountains with ivory spikes jutting out of them were made and placed throughout the slums, these were used to collect the city's blood-tax.[1d]

As Currency

In the Cursed City of Ulfenkarn ivory is used as a commodity currency. Much like whalebone, also used as a commodity currency in the city, its value was determined by the weight. Common increments included ten-weight, twenty-weight, and fifty-weight.[1a][1b][1c]

In the city a single pearl could be exchanged for ten-weight in ivory. Which in turn could be used to rent out a room large enough for two to live in relative comfort.[1a]

Ivory coins are used as a currency among the living in the underworld of Stygxx.[4a]