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Ithary is an Sylvaneth branchwraith of Clan Thyrghael of the Dreadwood Glade. [1]

She proclaims herself as the handmaid thrice coiled of the woodsenwych Wytha.[1a]


She is tall and willowy, vaguely female with long limbs and a body thick with thorns and spiky twigs whilst a parody of hair - black leaves and delicate creepers grows from her scalp and down her back. Her eyes are large, almond shaped and glint like polished jet. Her voice is a musical croon with an archaic speech pattern. [1a]


She led a warband that saved Tarion Arlor from Rotbringers so that he could send a message to Neave Blacktalon. [1a]

When Neave was near death at the paws of a skaven horde, she and a host of Forest Spirits slaughtered them and carried off the stormcast and her companions. [1b] She briefly imprisoned them before taking Neave to see her mistress, Wytha. [1c]

She was part of the great host of Sylvaneth that Neave and Wytha led agains the stronghold of Lord Ungholghott. [1d]


Even her mistress considers her spiteful [1c]


Harming you? Why that would we do? Safehold your flesh from the rotling's touch, just about the turn and strike you down? No caprice has its roots and its branches both, and neither reach such length.

~Ithary to Tarion Roggen.[1a]


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