Isle of Ghouls

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The Isle of Ghouls is an eastern isle of the Great Parch.[1b]


The island is rough and craggy; it has been compared to a clawing arm rising from the depths. The various Flesh-Eater Courts of the island have imbued the island with a powerful stench of rotten meat that, when the wind blows strongly from the east, can be smelled as far as Har Kuron's harbours. Nevertheless, the inhabitants believe it to be a shining citadel and capital of their empire.[2a][3a]


It is ruled by the Abhorrant Archregent Korlock the Red.[3b]

The courts generally view themselves as belonging to a grand thalassocracy with a powerful navy that explores the sea and fights against the forces of Chaos. In reality, they are terrifying raiders along the coast of the Great Parch who rush ashore from crudely made ships with sails of skin.[1b][3a]


Age of Myth

During the Age of Myth it was ruled by degenerate feudal courts, an offshot of an ancient dynasty that has suffered from generations of inbreeding.[1b]

After being expelled from their homeland the Golvarians took refuge here.[1b]

Age of Sigmar

The Flesh-Eater Courts that inhabit the island, seeing themselves as holy warriors fighting chaos oppressors, try to ally with Stormcast. The Stormcast only see them as cannibalistic reavers and attack them, turning what could be a powerful alliance into a deadly rivalry.[1b]

Golvarian Ghoulships from the Isle of Ghouls patrol the Searing Sea; in their fantasies they are privateers, keeping the sea lanes safe. In reality they raid the coasts and the sea lanes, claiming cargo, killing the crews of ships they encounter for food and also gathering lumber to make more galleons. [2a]

Proctor-General Milarn Ghilgrave of the Order of Azyr attacks the island with a formidable force, seeking to capture the Archregent. After a heavy bombardment by Gyrocopter squadrons and steam-galleons, a force of Stormcast Eternals manage to secure their prize despite heavy casualties. For several weeks Korlok is denied sustenance and bound in chains of consecrated sigmarite and cleansed daily with Aqua Ghyranis, though he still managed to kill six of the Proctor-General's retinue and took two fingers of Ghilgrave's hand. Throughout this period, Lord-Arcanum Tresador sought to use a ritual to break the layers of delusion and managed to converse with Korlock. However, the followers of the Archregent mobilised a armada of skin-ships and sought to rescue him. [3b]


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