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An Akhellian Guard of Briomdar

Akhelian Guard are the main mounted cavalry of the Idoneth Deepkin's Enclaves. These warriors exemplify the military methods used by the Idoneth, as they fight mounted in loose formations that are ideal for quick assaults, retreats, and the hit-and-run tactics that have allowed the Deepkin Aelves to survive.[1a][5][6]


When Teclis created the Cythai, he told them of the World-That-Was and the Aelves that lived there, of the grand aelven cavalry and noble knights who rode atop dragons and horses bred for war. These tales mystified the Cythai and they would remember them, even after they fled to the deeps to escape their creator.[1a]

The Idoneth Deepkin, the children and descendants of the Cythai, sought to emulate the stories of the ancient aelves of the World-That-Was, in so doing they sought to tame the beasts of the oceans found throughout the Mortal Realms, such as Fangmora Eels. Many Akhelian died in their attempts to tame Fangmora Eels, and it wasn't until Embailors were called on to break the creatures that any succeeded, whereupon the Fangmora became the first and one of the most prolific of the bond-beasts used by the Idoneth.[1a]


Akhelian are selected by Isharann at a young age, chosen from among those true-souled Idoneth whose souls show aptitude for warfare. They are then trained within the halls of the Asydrazor, where they are taught statecraft and blademastery.[3a] These Akhelian are then often assigned to crews on Akhelian Allopexes and Akhelian Leviadons. Some of those who show aptitude and worthiness in war earn the right to become eel riders and join the Ishlaen or Morsarr Guard.[1c]


The Akhelian Guard serve within the Akhelian Battalions of the Phalanxes, the main military formations of the Idoneth Enclaves. Two distinct types of Akhelian Guard, who each serve a different role upon the battlefield. These are the Morsarr Guard and the Ishlaen Guard.[1a]

Commanders of Idoneth Phalanxes will commonly employ the Morsarr Guard in cavalry charges. This often involves having Namarti Thralls pin down enemy forces, so the Morsarr Guard can charge in from an exposed flank, the rear, or even from above.[1a][4b][6]

The Ishlaen Guard on the other hand can be deployed for more defensive needs, as they can use their helsabres to encase their volc-shields in energy fields that easily deflect incoming missiles.[1a][4a][5]

Both variants are led by commanders known as Lochian Princes, experienced soul-raiders whose skills make them ideal candidates for Kingship. These are supported by standard bearers and musicians.[1a][4a][4b]

Elite Guards

Among the nations of the Idoneth, some formations and units of Akhelian Guard have earned a legendary reputation. Among these are the:


The Akhelian Guard go to war mounted atop serpentine Fagnmora Eels that can attack with their fanged maws and lashing tails. They can also release Biovoltaic energies that is used defensively by the Ishlaen and offensively by the Morrsarr. These mounts are controlled by the blinder and reins attached to their heads.[4a][4b][5]


The Morsarr Guard go into battle wielding Voltspears and Volc-Shields. These warriors can channel the bio-electricity of their mounts into their spears, using them to fire a short ranged bolt of electricity. There are legends that certain formations can blind entire armies with the strength of their biolvoltaic blasts.[1a][4b][6]

The Ishlaen Guard go into battle wielding Helsabres and Volc-Shields. These curved, serrated swords can also harness the energy of their Fangmora, but rather than using this ability for offense they channel it into their shields, creating a crackling luminescent energy field that can deflect projectiles.[1a][4a][5]

They wear heavy armour chest plates, with bare arms, and legs covered in mobile mail and cloth. Their helms are close-faced with bladed crests.[5][6]

The Lochian Princes that lead these wear specifically shaped blades, helms with sails and the blinders of their mounts that indicate their rank. Musicians carry conch shells and an open faceplate. Standard Bearers have their Fangmora eels equipped with towering pennants.[5][6]




Conflicting sources

  • The product description for the Akhellian Allopex in Games Workshop website refers to the crew as Akhellian Guards.[2] The battletome only refers to them as novices.[1]


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