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A Soulscryer with Scryfish.

Isharann Soulscryers are one of the many fanes, branches, of the Isharann, one of the three castes of Idoneth Deepkin society.[1a][1c] They are the navigators of the Idoneth Deepkin enclaves, they divine the targets of the soul raids, guide travellers through the Whirlways and communicate with other Soulscryers in distant enclaves. In battle Soulscryers often accompany the Idoneth phalanxes, directing them unerringly before and during the battle, making sure they claim the strongest souls.[2a]


The Soulscryers are diviners, navigators, and arcane trackers within Idoneth Deepkin societies, with their abilities they can determine whether a newborn Idoneth will be an Akhelian, Isharann, or a withered soul Namarti. Their ability to see and map out souls has also made them vital components of the Idoneth Phalanxes, as they can see which creatures encountered in raids or battles have the most valuable souls. Their powers have also ensured they excel at their other duties which include communicating with their counterparts in distant Enclaves, guiding travelers through Whirlway, and selecting the next targets of Akhelian raids.[2a]


Every Idoneth Phalanx is comprised of three components. The main body of Akhelian and Namarti battalions, an Isharann Soul Warden who serves as a battlefield co-ordinator from the safety of the Enclave, and the phalanx's triumvirate commanders. These commanders include an Akhelian King, an Isharann Tidecaster, and of course an Isharann Soulscryer'. The Soulscryers duties include serving as battlefield commanders, determing what targets to raid, and finding the most potent souls on the battlefield.[1d][2a]


Using their cyfar compasses and dowserchimes, the Soulscryers can map out the souls of those around them and even track any given soul across the Mortal Realms, as well as mapping the darker corners of a soul. Their weapon of choice is known as the finger-claw, made from the razor teeth of Allopexes.[1e][2a][3]


Shoals of Scryfish also follow them into battle, etherfish that aid their masters by pointing the way or vigorously defending them by spitting spikes that jut from their maws at foes.[1e][3]


You cannot run from the Briomdar. Our Soulscryers could follow the soul of a fly through the Garden of Nurgle. And then guide a phalanx to retrieve it.

Lurien Soultaker, Akhelian King of Briomdar.[1a]



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