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The Isharann caste, with a Soul Warden protected by an Ochtar on the top.

Soul Wardens are one of the many fanes of the Isharann, the magically-inclined caste of Idoneth society. The discipline of soul magic employed by the Soul Wardens allows them to preserve souls that have been separated from physical bodies.[1a]


Their spirit-sight allows them to see how quickly a Namarti soul is fading and also helps them to direct the tactics of the Phalanxes for which they liaise with. It is also their duty to tally the souls within the chorrileums, and to tell the leaders of phalanxes when new souls are needed and how many are required.[1b][1c]


The Phalanxes of the Idoneth Enclaves can be divided into three components. The main body which is comprised of the Akhelian and Namarti Battalions, the triumvirate leaders which include an Akhelian King, an Isharann Tidecaster, and an Isharann Soulscryer, and finally an Ishrann Soul Warden.[1b]

While a Soul Warden is attached to every Phalanx, most do not take to the battlefield themselves and instead serve as tacticians and planners, roles for which their gifts of spirit-sight prove very useful. Their time in the Túrscoll trained them to handle the complex logistical challenges a tactician needs to direct an army.[1b]

They also serve as liaisons to the Incubati, the Custodian of the Chorrileums, and the Isharann Soulscryers.[1b]




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