Isharann Ishratisar

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The Ishratisar are one of the fanes, schools, of the Isharann, the mage caste of the Idoneth Deepkin. The Ishratisar are soul mages who use their arcane abilities to work as artisans of all stripes such as artists, perfumers, architects, and weaponsmiths.[1a][1b][2a]


The Ishratisar are the artists and artisans of the Idoneth whose magic leaves an imprint of their very souls upon their crafts, the glow given off by such works can be sensed even by the sightless.[1a][1b][2a] There are some artisans among the Ishratisar who are capable of tattooing soul-pledges onto the flesh of their fellow Idoneth.[1c]


They are organized into groups known as Ishratisar Houses.[1b]

Relation to Namarti

The Ishratisar will employ Namarti thralls as servants or to aid them in their crafts.[1a]