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Isharann Embailors are one of the many fanes, or branches, of the magic-wielding Isharann of the Idoneth Deepkin. They are responsible for breaking and binding the Bond-Beasts used extensively throughout Idoneth society.[1a]


Sometime after the founding of their first nation-cities the Deepkin Aelves attempted to domesticate the wild sea animals that often attacked and assaulted their settlements. In some rare cases some Ochtar and Deepmares were convinced to cooperate with Idoneth, but none were ever truly domesticated. Most of these beasts remained dangerous and wild, so the Embailors,a new school of Isharann, were founded.[1a]

Fangmora were among the first creatures that the Idoneth attempted to domesticate and many Akhelian warriors died in their attempts to do so. It wasn't until the Akhelian resorted to turning to the Embailors, that the first Fangmora were broken. These became the first, and one of the most widespread, bond-beasts employed by the Idoneth. Eventually other, more deadly beasts were bound as well. These include Leviadons, Allopexes, and Deepmares.[1b]

Eventually the Embailors take to blinding all their Bond-Beasts, to ensure their magical domination took full effect.[1a]


The Embailors use magic to break the beasts of the deeps, as attempts to tame them had nearly all failed. This process involves wearing down the mind of a potential Bond-Beast, until it can be suitably directed by any Akhelian brave enough to ride them. The process of magically breaking a beast is long, distasteful, and can easily go awry, causing untold loss of life when some sea monsters break their bonds and carve a trail of destruction through densely populated urban centers.[1a]

Eventually it was discovered that blinding the sea beasts made the effects of the magical domination far more potent, reducing the number of rampages. Without their sight these creatures must use their other senses to navigate the Ethersea that envelops the settlements of the Idoneth.[1a]

The deadliest bond-beasts are pressed into service, forced to fight alongside the phalanxes of the Idoneth armies or else serve as mounts. Many Embailors seek to add new creatures to the menageries of the Enclaves.[1a]



We soon learned that the best way to halt rampaging sea monsters was to employ our own

Mor'u, first of the Embailors.[1a]


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