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Queen Isa ven-Drak ruled the Drak, highest of the Rictus Clans following the defeat of the Broken Kings and the Great Awakening.[1]

Isa the “wise” was sister to Rikan the Handsome and the daughter of Arek ven-Drak. After her fathers imprisonment and her brothers transformation into the Prince of Crows she ruled the Drak. She was taught the necromantic arts by Neferata, the Mortarch of Blood herself, composing the nine rites of revivification that kept the deadwalkers at bay after the Great Awakening.[1]

The Deathlord Tamra ven-Drak is a direct descendant.[1]


The handsome ones are always a bit foolish. The Drak were better left to Isa at any rate. They didn’t call her “the wise” for nothing

~Neferata to Tamra ven-Drak .[1]


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