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The Temple-Fortress of Ironshard is home to the Khelt Nar, one of the major sects of the Khainite faith.[1a]


Age of Myth

The Temple of Ironshard began as a single shrine carved into the top of the mountain of Rothtor, a vast mountain made of iron and surrounded by a vortex of shadow magic, by the High Oracle of Khaine herself. The fortress was moulded from the mountain itself using powerful magic.[1a][1b]

To fully claim the shrine as their own, the Daughters of Khaine tasked with maintaining the shrine must clear the surrounding area of hundreds of Ulgu's monstrous creatures and dozens of Bonesplitter tribes. The Khainites perform this task with jubilation and they quickly grow in power as they cull the surrounding lands.[1a][1b]

Age of Chaos

Since the dawn of the Age of Chaos, the forces of the Ruinous Powers have located and laid siege to Ironshard no less than six times. Nevertheless, the forces of Chaos have always been beaten back and the Khelt Nar have developed a particular hatred of for those that serve the Chaos Gods.[1b]


The Khelt Nar wasted no time in exploiting the umbral metal found within the veins of Rothtor. They are also known for the production of masterwork weapons, such as kuirath. The knowledge of how to craft such blades is a deeply guarded secret of the Khelt Nar sect.[1b]


  • Brood-Nest Towers: Defensive towers that surround the central temple complex.[1c]


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