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Ironoaks are massive, towering trees native to the Jade Kingdoms of the Realm of Life. The wood produced by these trees is durable and supple, the material is often used in the creation and construction of fortifications, arms and armour, as well as many myriad trinkets and sundries.[1a][2a][3a]


The economy of the Living City is centered around the wood of Ironoak trees, as it serves as both their primary export and the material from which much of their weapons and armor are made.[1a]

The sturdy branches of the ironoak trees are coveted by artisans and craftsmen from across the Mortal Realms and many wondrous weapons and storied artefacts have been crafted using the supple material.[1a]


The Hammerhal Ghyra employs massive chains made of ironoak to hold floating islands known as mammoth drift-isles in place, these islands will then regularly pour water onto the extensive farmlands surrounding the city.[2a]


Due to it's durability, the wood of Ironoak trees is often used to make weapons, even bladed ones, and armor. The Free City known as the Living City makes the majority of it's war gear from the material[1a]. Knights of the Order of the Furrow have also been known to use and craft armor made from ironoak.[4b] The Duardin known as the Root-kings, who taught the Order of the Furrow how to work ironoak wood, also make heavy use of the material.[4c]

Several cities of Order use the material in the construction of their buildings and fortifications, such as the Living City[1a] and Shu'gohl the Crawling City.[4a]

In addition to using armor and weapons made of Ironoak, the Freeguilds of the Living City also supply their Crossbowmen with bolts made of this material.[1a]

Chaos Knights are also known to use armor crafted from ironoak, albeit of a tainted and corrupted variety.[1a]