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Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Orruk Warclans
Major characters Gordrakk
Gurzag Ironskull
Races Orruk
Mounts Grunta
Creatures Rogue Idol
Spell lores Lore of the Weird
Warbands Ironskull's Boyz
Morgok's Krushas

Ironjawz are a type of Orruk Warclan, known as the most fightsome of all of them. They are at the forefront of the incoming Great Waaagh! The most pleasing things they known is the sounds of battle.[1]


They are bigger than any other orruk, meanest and toughest around, clad in Pig-Iron armour, waddling into battle with the clanking of metal and guttural bellows. Due to years of battle and the orruk tendency to grow bigger the more they fight, the Ironjawz have become the largest of their kind, using it to rule over their race. They go around stomping heads just to show everybody how hard they are. Any greenskin that looks at them sideways is asking for trouble.[3]

The bosses make sure their warriors are ready for war, cracking any skulls that are necessary, but their favoured spot is at the front, where their bulk and Choppas can cause the most carnage. Other greenskin armies follow in their wake ready to add to the mayhem.[3]

Grots kick snotlings, bigger orruks kick smaller orruks and Ironjawz kick about everyone.[3]


Like all Greenskins, Ironjawz armies are built around mobs which are led by a Boss and can be large or small - 500 Orruks is a mob but so is 5. Multiple mobs are gathered in groups of five or "fists", both because they see its the best way to fight their enemies and because they cant usually count higher than five. Note some Megabosses have lost fingers so may not be able to count that high - it is a Orruk myth that there are some mysterious barefoot orruks that count higher than ten. Megabosses usually lead a Fist but they can be led by a Weirdnob Shaman or a Warchanter. A group of five or more fists gathered under a powerful Megaboss are called a Brawl. [5d]


The largest organisation is a Warclan under a single Megaboss that includes multiple Brawls.[5c]

Known Warclans include:


As the storm of Sigmar rolls out across the realms, Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork, who sits at the top of their brutal empire, is getting ready to summon Gorkamorka back into the Mortal Realms and usher a new Great Waaagh![3]


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