Ironbark Oil

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Ironbark Oil is used to harden the bark of Sylvaneth.[1a]


After the Ironbark Glade settled in the Realm of Chamon they learned to draw up the minerals from the Realm to strengthen and harden their bark, giving it a metallic sheen. Later enterprising Kharadron developed the substance known as Ironbark Oil, which mimics the process, allowing any Sylvaneth who uses the oil to temporarily harden their bark to be as strong as metal.[1a]

Even Ironbark Sylvaneth can make use of the oil, hardening their bark even further.[2a]


When painted onto the bark of a Sylvaneth, this oil temporarily hardens their bark.[1a]


The oil was created by enterprising Kharadron, who sell it to Sylvaneth all across the Mortal Realms. Typically the oil is stored in pots that contain enough of the substance to completely coat an average Sylvaneth five times over.[1a]

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