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The symbol of the Ironbark Glade

Ironbark Glade are formidable and unyielding Sylvaneth warriors, metal strong in their veins and blades. Ironbark are almost taciturn, especially in the face of hardship. Unlike many wargroves, those of Ironbark have metal weapons, expertly crafted and their bodies are often similar, having drawn up minerals and metals to further strengthen them against attack.[1a]


As well as their strongholds in the Realm of Ghyran, Ironbark have always had power in the Realm of Chamon and alliances with the duardin of that realm have provide strong and beneficial to both races.[1a]


The Ironbark are tenacious, mastering the art of defence. They fuse wood and steel so that their enclaves can weather the worst hardships. Their Households bear finely wrought weapons, and their patrols slip into and out of ironthorn labyrinths to waylay invaders. On the battlefield, Ironbark wargroves dig their roots deep, standing defiant to shatter enemy attacks before launching their own. [2]


Led by their Archduke, the Ironbark were the first glade to settle in Chamon. There,they learned how to draw precious minerals through their roots, so that now their forms glitter with seams of metal and crystal deposits.[2]

Early on in their history the Ironbark developed trade ties with the duardin, which grew into an alliance between mountain and wood – but then came the Age of Chaos. All glades in Chamon save Ironbark were wiped out by invasion, and for centuries they stood alone in the realm. During those black years they learned to endure, becoming famous for their intractable defence of their enclaves. [2]

One by one the mountain karaks of the duardin were destroyed. The Ironbark took in the refugees fleeing the armies of Khorne, many of whom subsequently travelled to Azyrheim or joined the sky-fleets of those who later became the Kharadron Overlords. The glade's deeds were never forgotten, and to this day many duardin factions consider the Ironbark to be kin.[2]

In the Age of Chaos several clans of the Ironbark Glade were nearly overwhelmed in the Realm of Aqshy by the Bloodbound but an alliance with the Vostarg Lodge of the Fyreslayers proved lucrative and long lasting.[1a]

Ironbark Glade and Oakenbrow Glade joined with the dangerous Dreadwood Glade to destroy the Poxfang Tide.[1a]

Known Clans

  • Clan Dar'noth [1a]


'Never shall they bend, never shall they break. Like deepest root and strongest branch, they endure forevermore.

~ Ironbark Glade. [1a]

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