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The Iron Horde is a Bloodbound warband led by Daemon Prince Balghor. These Khorne Bloodbound are merciless slaughterers who exalt Khorne with every life they take.[1]


Age of Chaos

Balghor was uplifted to the status of Daemon Prince after the massacre at Gnawdwell.[3a]

Riding on the back of a city-sized mechanical scorpion, they and their allies breached the Sanctified Stairs, slaughtering so many servants of Tzeentch that it rained blood for a month on the lands beneath.[2a]

Age of Sigmar

Under the command of the Daemon Prince Balghor they attacked the Blades of Dawn over the possession of the Hazereach Realmgate in the Symboline Paths and successfully defeated them.[2a]



The Iron Horde is led by the Daemon Prince known as Balghor.[4a] They show their devotion to their leader by searing the rune of the daemon axe into their flesh with steaming ichor.[2b]


The members of the Iron Horde wear armour made of black and grey wrought metal.[4a]


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