Iron Heart of Khaine

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The Iron Heart of Khaine.

The Iron Heart of Khaine is the only known true remnant of Khaine, a dead god from the World-That-Was.[1a]


The Iron Heart of Khaine is seemingly indestructible and pulses with the remnants of divine energy, reinvigorating its holder and protecting them from harm.[2a][2b]


Since the Age of Myth, the heart has been in the possession of Morathi, the self-proclaimed High Oracle of Khaine and later self-proclaimed inheritor of Khaine's divine power as the goddess Morathi-Khaine.[1b][2b]


In the wake of the destruction of the World-That-Was and the death of Khaine, the shards of his being were scattered across reality. Most were collected by Khorne, the Chaos God whose portfolio was closest to Khaine's, and were remade in his divine smithy as weapons for his favoured Bloodthirsters. However, the Iron Heart resisted the heat of the forge and the blows of the hammer. Khorne cast it away in frustration, and it eventually found its way to the lair of the godbeast Kharybtar.[1c]

When Morathi sought out any sign of Khaine in the Age of Myth, she found no trace of him until she began to hear a faint heartbeat in her dreams. Using all her arcane skills, she traced this vision to Kharybtar. She earned the godbeast's trust with guile and seduction, but when she finally attempted to take the heart, she was forced to do battle. After thirteen days, she subdued Kharybtar, though the godbeast gravely wounded her and she was only saved by the power emanating from the heart.[1a][2a]

The heart has remained with Morathi ever since. To the Daughters of Khaine, it is a symbol of her connection to Khaine and the hope that they might find more shards of their god. Since her apotheosis, Morathi-Khaine has woven elaborate enchantments about the heart to ensure that no one can tell which of her forms carries it; so long as one does, both her bodies benefit from its rejuvenating effects.[1b][2b]