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Iron Golem fighting a group of Spire Tyrants.

The Iron Golem are worshippers of Chaos whose Dreadhold can be found in the Ferrium Mountains in Ayadah, a continent in Chamon's Spiral Crux.[1a][1d] They favour heavy plate armour and carry weapons that in turn crumple and penetrate the toughest armour such as spine-crusher mauls - crafted with spikes on the striking surface of the hammer to maximise the power of the strike.[1c]


Metal is eternal but flesh is impermanent, unable to reshaped through the sacred forging fires. Enemies who are defeated are taken to the flames, heaped upon great pyres - their armour and weapons melted to become obelisks. [1a] They believe that they are chosen to create weapons for Archaon and his numberless hordes,[1a] trading with many Chaos aligned kingdoms who recognise the quality of their work.[1d] The Iron Golems differ from many other Chaos Cults in that they reject the worship and veneration of the Dark Gods, which they refer to as the Four Instincts. It is for this reason they venerate Archaon - the Man of Iron and Flame - who has overcome the Four Instincts.[3a]

There are numerous sects within the cult of the Iron Golems. Many of them have abandoned ritual human sacrifice ages long ago as petty superstition after the Tenets of Iron supplanted all the other faiths in importance. Though there are still some families and forges that clung to older customs.[3a]


Their ancestors enslaved the Sun Dragon Axranthos within their mountain and which still is harnessed for its magama blasts that power their forges.[1a][1d]

The Ash War: In the Age of Sigmar the dragon broke free of is bindings and there is a fearsome battle to recapture it. [1d]


Onyx Fist: The Dreadhold stronghold built over an active volcano, [1a] with a vast forge complex that constructs large numbers of weapons and armour with the branded serf class and prisoners providing the basic labour. It is guarded by the Onyx Guard. [1d]




The stonehearted captains of the Iron Legion, Dominars are masters of battle and strategy. Wielding two-handed spinecrusher mauls, they smash their foes aside with contemptuous ease.[2]

Ogor Breacher

Ogor Breachers are Ogors captured by the Iron Golem are encased in metal plate and driven half-mad with hunger, then loosed upon the enemy like living wrecking balls.[2]


It is the Signifer’s honour to bear the standard of the Iron Golems into battle. Roaring battle-oaths and swinging bone-breaking hammers, they fill the hearts of their comrades with a furious zeal.[2]


Feared as much by their own warriors as those of the enemy, the Drillmasters of the Iron Legion maintain discipline through brutality and intimidation.[2]


Prefectors are veterans of the Iron Golems who have survived scores of brutal campaigns. It is their duty to seek out and pulverise enemy champions with their spinecrusher mauls.[2]


The warsmiths known as Armators craft the Iron Golems’ impervious battle plate and brutal weaponry. In battle, they swing their spiked hammers with a strength honed by the forge.[2]

Iron Legionary

Iron Legionaries shielded warriors are the backbone of the Iron Legion, forming a wedge of impervious metal that grinds relentlessly over the enemy and crushes them to bloody ruin.{Fn|2}}



We create War.[1a] War is upon you, Vermin! Death is here.

~Macer Koltrech [1b]

Not so eager with a shattered leg, are we?.[1c]


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