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Ionus and Cthorak
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Ionus Cryptborn is the Warden of Lost Souls and a member of Sigmar's Inner Circle elevated to serve as the God-King's champion across all the Mortal Realms.[7a] He was originally called Eonid ven Denst, a prince from Shyish. He carries the aspect of the grave with him and few rest easy alongside him. With the power to summon and bind the storm at will, Ionus is a redoubtable foe.[1][2]


Age of Myth

Eonid ven Denst was once a Amethyist Prince[4] of the Prime Innerlands, a secret he only shares with his fellow Lord-Relictors. He once slew the many-skulled Hydragor that wreaked havoc upon the courtiers of King Thanator's manse. During the Days of Shattered Bone he was the only one that had the courage to speak against Nagash.[1][2]

Age of Sigmar

Taken by Sigmar, he was reforged as Ionus Cryptborne, Lord-Relictor of a Thunderstrike Brotherhood of the Hammers of Sigmar and was part of the first strike in the Realmgate Wars at the Brimstone Peninsula in the Realm of Aqshy.[3] Noticing his arrival, Nagash taunted him with visions of his dead wife in torment - claiming that A tithe is owed. A tithe shall be given. A soul for a soul.[4] Ionus joined the Hammerhands during the wars for the Brimstone Peninsula, forming a deep friendship with Vandus Hammerhand.[1][2]

During the Era of the Beast, months after the Siege of Excelsis, he went to Fort Ignis.[6b] More than three hundred years had passed since the first strike and the Hammers of Sigmar wanted to celebrate the anniversary with a ceremony and a new altar meant to honour the first battle of the Realmgate Wars.[6a] Unlike the other Hammers of Sigmar, Ionus showed himself in the Great Hall without removing his armour and avoided the banquet.[6b]

Sometime after he quits the Hammers of Sigmar and is elevated to the ranks of Sigmar's foremost champions. He would latter encounter Cthorak on a search for a cure for the Flaw of Reforging, the Relictor hoping to use it to heal Vandus. Though Ionus could not find a cure, he formed an inseparable bond with Cthorak over their mutual desire to aid their friends.[7a]


All around the Brimstone Beachhead there are statues built in his image.[5]


Vandus Hammerhand can see past his grim and dolorous demeanour and see the hero beneath, both stormcast having strong bond of brotherhood with each other.[1][2] It is this friendship that motivated Ionus to leave the Hammers of Sigmar, unable to continue watching his friend be decayed by the Reforging process.[7a]

Cthorak is one of Ionus's closest friends. The Relictor first encountered the prematurely aged Draconith during an erstwhile quest to find a cure for the flaws in the Reforging process, Cthorak himself was on a quest to find and free the afterlife of his people. The two bonded over their mutual desire to aid their friends, forming an inseparable partnership.[7a]


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