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Invocations are divine entities or powers that are summoned by a priest to a battlefield by the chanting of a prayer.[1a] Similar to Endless Spells,[2] Some new invocations have appeared during the Arcanum Optimar following the Shyishian Necroquake, due to the greater intervention of the priest's patron deity.[3a][4a]


Similar to a wizard or priest unbinding an endless spell, priests may also banish invocations.[1a]


Invocations can taken on various forms, but are usually aligned with a deity or a faction.

Daughters of Khaine

The Daughters of Khaine may summon a manifestation of Khaine's bloody heart, known as the Heart of Fury.[4a]

Blade of Khorne

Khornate Slaughterpriests may summon manifestations of Khorne's fury, known as Judgements of Khorne, which manifest as a result of Khorne's rage at the increased presence of magic.[3a]


Magmic Invocations are magical constructs forged of arcane fire that bring death to the foes of the Fyreslayers that can be summoned by Zharrgrim priests. These are the manifestations of the realm's fiery power deep within the earth, including Aqshyian elementals. They are a result of the increased magical energies after the Necroquake and is similar to Endless Spells but cannot be dispelled normally by wizards and have a temperamental nature causing it to randomly disappear on its own like the Judgements of Khorne.[5a][6][7]


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