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Invidia also known as the Claim of Horiculous is the twisted remains of the Jade Kingdom of Irridia.[1b]


Age of Myth

  • It was one of three islands created from the union between Verdia and Thyria, along with it's siblings Isle Decrepita and Neos. Irridia was a bountiful region of the Everspring Swathe brimming with life. It is largely left to its own devices by the Everqueen, whose attentions are instead drawn to the island's siblings.[1b]
  • Sylvaneth of the Oakenbrow Grove are seeded in Neos and the Isle Decrepita is seeded with Sylvaneth of the Dreadwood Grove, eventually the relations between these two sibling nations turns bitter and sour, Irridia and it's princelings are caught in the middle.[1b]

Age of Chaos

  • In Age of Chaos Horticulous Slimux conquered this land, once known as Irridia, in it's entirety by corrupting the Gravidian Realmgate. The curse was so potent that the Realmgate was split into three pieces, becoming three massive sores in the crust of the kingdom, known as the Canker Pits. The daemonic forces of Nurgle pour out from the fortresses that spring up around the Canker Pits causing The Garden of Nurgle to grow across the land. And so was Irridia renamed Invidia, a land of rotting horrors.[1b]
  • During the battle at the Fork of the Minuet, the river tribes of norhtern Invidia defeat a host of Nurgle Daemons, but their fallen, rotting bodies contaminate the river. With the water and the local wildlife corrupted, the river tribes are facing hunger and thirst. In their desperation they pray to all and any gods and beings. Including Rotigus Rainmaker, who sends a torrent of ooze. The few tribes people that survived the downpour became a horde of Nurgle worshippers known as the Grey Deluge.[2a]



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