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Invictunite is a rare metal found in the Mortal Realms. It is used extensively by the forces of Chaos, though it is occasionally used by the Stormcast and Cities of Sigmar as well.[1a][2a][3a][6a] Comets made from the metal rain down upon the tainted lands of the Bloodwind Spoil in the Allpoints.[1a]


It is a rare and resilient metal. The metal is considered to be extremely valuable and by the Free Peoples of the Mortal Realms, with entire Cities of Sigmar founded to exploit deposits of them.[1a][6a] Rarely it is even blessed and used in the construction of fortifications, such as the Black Nexus of Anvilgard.[2a]

The varieties of Invictunite used by the followers of Chaos, are intensely tainted and cursed with the warping energies of the Realm of Chaos. These tainted varieties are dangerous to work with, causing horrific mutations in those that shape the metal into weapons or structures. Though those who are strong of body and will, can survive unscathed.[1a]


Some warbands of the Iron Golems, a Chaos Cult based in the Realm of Chamon, will use Chaos-tainted deposits of the metal to forge weaponry.[3a]

The Black Nexus in the Free City of Anvilgard, now known as Har Kuron after it was conquered by Morathi, is made of blessed invictunite. Before the city fell, the Black Nexus was a Stormkeep of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer.[2a]

The Dreadhold of Karheight was made of cursed iron and invictunite.[4a]

Thraxian gunshields made of blue invicunite were found in the collection of High Thaumaturge Phylebius Crade, an influential mage of the Free City of Lethis.[5a]