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The miniatures of a Blackshard Warhost.

The Infernal Guard are the heavily-armoured Duardin warriors of the Legion of Azgorh. They march beneath the cruel iron visage of Hashut, clad in Blackshard Armour forged from iron, fire, blood souls and the very stuff of Chaos.[2][4]


The Ironsworn are units of Infernal Guard that wield a variety of axes, warhammers, and shields in combat.[2]

The Ironsworn wield blades, axes, hammers and warhammers, called Ashsteel Hand Weapons, with smouldering runes of torment and death engraved into them, forging them with the pain and suffering of their dark realm. Their Spideshields are laced with malefic curses and when struck it lashes out with tendrils of flame. Their armor is forged with the Realmstone of Aqshy.[1c][2]


The Fireglaves are the elite of the Infernal Guard that use exotic and complex handguns that they share their name with. This weapon is complicated to use and only the elite of the Infernal Guard can use them.[1b][3]

The Pyrelock Fireglaives are a compact repeating handgun bound with malevolent spirits. It also has a single-edged blade, called a bayonet-cleaver, so it can also be wielded like a halberd. Their ammunition contains hungry pyre-spirits that ravages the flesh of the foes they hit. This weapons is complicated to manufacture, so only the Daemonsmiths can make them.[1b][3]


Castellans are the leaders of Infernal Guard. They were once-shamed but have regained their glory in battle and the right to bear their face once again. They march at the head of their warriors and call out their warriors to strike down their foes without mercy.[1a][4]

Their Blackshard armor is engraved with dark runes that celebrate their cruel victories. They wield Pyrelock Pistols whose ammo contain hungry pyre-spirits that ravages the flesh of the foes they hit.[1a]


Deathmasks are the leaders of Fireglaives and Ironsworn units. Instead of wielding the weapons of their units they wield an Ashsteel Hand Weapon and a Pyrelock Pistol. This pistol is loaded with ammunition that contains hungry pyre-spirits that ravages the flesh of the foe they his.[1b][1c]


Drummers support Infernal Guard units by accompanying the clamouring their iron-shod strides with the dolorous pounding of cruel drums.[1b][1c][4]

Standard Bearer

Standard Bearer often accompany a unit, carrying the Icon of Dominion which increases the unit resistance to the horror of war.[1b][1c]

However some of the Ironsworn are chosen, for being particularly stubborn and contemptuous of other races, to have the privilege of carrying the Black Banner of Malice to battle. This banner has fell enchantments allowing its bearer to invoke and unleash occult powers, not only increasing the resistance to the horrors of war of nearby members of the Legion but also make their melee attacks more likely to hit. They protect themselves with a Darkforged Weapon.[1a]

Blackshard Warhost

The resolute guardians of the Black Towers have iron discipline and are infamous for their methodical butchery. They are a mainstay of the Legion of Azgorh, employing two units of Ironsworn and Fireglaives each, led by a Castellan and supported by a Standard Bearer. They shoot precise volleys of pyrelock shots thinning the enemy lines before they reach an impenetrable wall of locked shields that stand fast with implacable determination.[1d][5]



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