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Admiral Imoda Barrasdottr of Barak-Zilfin is a rising star of the Kharadron sky-empire and a master cartographer.[1a][1b][3a]

She is more respected for her mastery of cartography than for her meagre sky-fleet, which only consisted of one Arkanaut Ironclad and two Arkanaut Frigates. The extensive maps of the Spiral Crux and its aetherstreams that cover the walls of her war cabin aboard the Intaglio, however, are potent military assets in themselves.[1b][2]

Imoda barter, coerce, pry and eavesdrop for information in various sky-ports, talking not only to duardin, humans and even aelves until she has the headings and mine-routes of her contemporaries and their allies all mapped out, red cord crisscrossing across her beloved charts.[1b]


Age of Sigmar

Operating out of Barak-Zilfin, Imoda Barrasdottr crossed the Ferrus and Gleaming Seas, avoided the harkraken eyries and rapidly reached the Granthium Mountains.

Corruption of the Switchsoul Dais

One night, Imoda noticed that none of her fellows passed through a specific area of the Granthium Mountains. Initially appearing to be an omission, it quickly became obvious that the area was being intentionally avoided. Various sky-fleets had changed course before entering the area, despite the fact that the fastest path to their destination would have been straight through it.[1b]

Noticing the pattern, Admiral Barrasdottr immediately ordered her meagre sky-fleet on a new heading. Upon reaching the Grathium Mountains Imoda spotted a deathrattle with her aethermatic spyglass. The revenant tried to sound the alarm, only to have its ribcage blasted away by Imoda's aethershot rifle. The skeleton nonetheless stood up and swiftly walked away into the mountain.[1b]

Barrasdottr ordered her sky-fleet to come in low and, escorted by a small detachment of Arkanauts supported by Grundstok Thunderers, she pursued the reanimated skeleton into a fissure in the mountain. Halting every so often to take measurements with her thaumic devices, the Kharadron heard screams in the depths, abruptly cut short.[1b]

Deep within the mountain, the meagre kharadron expedition stumbled upon Neferata's ritual to corrupt the Switchsoul Dais' obsidian portal. Wholly unprepared for such a fight, Imoda barely escaped with her life, her hair turned white from root to tip by amethyst magic. Imoda carried her First Mate, Grutti Fadrunsdotr, the last few hundred yards since her leg had been horribly mauled. Regaining the Intaglio, they made haste for Barak-Zilfin.[1b][2]

En route, the remaining Kharadron were attacked time and time again by immense, dark-winged creatures that had followed them from Switchsoul Dais. Both Arkanaut Frigates were pulled from the skies. Only by braving the harkraken lairs was the Intaglio able to evade the hellbats and undead dragons. The harkraken were roused by the passing skyvessel and attacked the pursuing undead beasts. Bankrupt and alive, Imoda Barrasdottr reached Barak-Zilfin.[1b]

Imoda knew that something terrible was brewing in Chamon, but the Admiral's Council of Barak-Zilfin was too busy seizing newly settled aetherstreams to heed her warnings.[2]

After paying for the repairs of the Intaglio, Imoda had little shares left to pay for a proper aethermatic limb to replace the one Grutti Fadrunsdotr had lost at Switchsoul Dais.[2] One day, while making for the Intaglio from a tavern, Imoda and Grutti were attacked by a vampire assassin sent by Neferata. Gravely wounding Grutti before cutting one of Imoda's eye, the evasive assassin was ultimately killed by Imoda tanks to the intervention of Ellathor and Ellania. Unlike the Admiralty, the twins were interested in hearing Imoda's story.[2]

Destruction of the Rusted Wastes

Recently promoted to the prestigious rank of Admiral, Imoda Barrasdottr liaised with Drongon Humboldsson at the massively fortified aether-mining kharadron outpost of Ghrum-Zunfar. Imoda had successfully charted several routes through the arcane maelstrom of the Spiral Crux. Both up-and-coming aeronauts of Barak-Zilfin, Humboldsson and Barrasdottr had served alongside one another on various voyages, and both trusted the expertise of the other.[3b]

According to the information Barrasdottr had collected from her investigations, the strife befalling across Chamon was not random in nature. Indeed, it seemingly affected the skies above every major realmgate around the region, summoning magical tempests that had already damaged many kharadron assets. Yet uncertain of the cause of the rising storm, Barrasdottr and Humboldsson resolved to uncover the truth. Heading for Barak-Zilfin, Barrasdottr sought to use her newfound influence to alert the Geldraad. For his part, Humboldsson would travel further west and seek answers.[3b]

Second Conference of Madralta

When Humboldsson divulged that aether-gold was converging around Vindicarum during the Second Conference of Madralta, Imoda Barrasdottr was swift to take advantage of the changing tides by calling for a motion regarding the dispatch of a sky-fleet to relieve Vindicarum.[3c]

Relief of Vindicarum

Imoda helped chart a course for the Second Madraltan Armada through the tormented sky-lanes of Chamon, ensuring that they arrive in time to save Vindicarum.[3d]

When the battle was joined, aerial supremacy was swiftly obtained by Admiral Barrasdottr aboard the Intaglio. In a great showcase of marksmanship, her squadron of swift Arkanaut Frigates brought down the various flights of Plague Drones and shoals of Screamers.[3d]


The Intaglio, an Arkanaut Ironclad.[1b]


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