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The Clans Ikk were once one of the Great Clans of Skavendom, who were infamous for their savagery. They once held great power over the Under-Empire until their conflict with Clans Verminus led to their downfall and complete annihilation.[1a]


Age of Chaos

During the Age of Chaos the Clans Ikk and Clans Verminus rose to prominence within the Under-Empire and Blight City, both managing to acquire four seats on the Council of Thirteen. Both try to seize absolute power and come to blows in a massive conflict that becomes known as the Great Civil War.[1a]

The other seven Great Clans that existed at the time throw their lots in with one side or the other, though they all seek to undermine the power of both Ikk and Verminus. The great wars rages on for twenty-six years, reducing much of Blight City to ruin, much territory is also lost abroad as a result of the brutal conflict and the heavy toll it takes on Skaven lives.[1a]

The power of Clans Ikk comes to a brutal end when Clans Verminus hire Clans Pestilens to aid in ending their foes. The Frothjaw Plague is released within the ranks of Clans Ikk turning the ferocity of the Ikk against them, turning it into an uncontrollable and lethal rage. Over the next two years the devolved monstrosities that were once Clans Ikk run rampant throughout Skaven territory. But they are eventually wiped out. Though the war still rages some time after their annihilation.[1a]