Igneous Delta

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The Igneous Delta is the southern part of the Brimstone Peninsula in the Great Parch of Aqshy, between the coast of the Vitriolus Reach and Duardinia. It was the location of the first strike of Sigmar's Tempest during the Realmgate Wars.[1a]


Despite being one of the earliest places liberated during the Realmgate Wars, much of the land remains unsettled. The most prominent settlement in the region is the Stormcast fortress of Fort Ignis, built around the Gate of Azyr seized during the Battle of the Brimstone Peninsula.[3a]


By the end of the Age of Chaos, the delta was a bloodstained wasteland dominated by the Khorne Bloodbound of the Goretide.[2a] The bloody campaigns led by Korghos Khul over the centuries have so devastated the region that no record of the people who lived in the region before the Age of Chaos remains.[3a]

The Battle of the Brimstone Peninsula that began the Realmgate Wars started here, and it was here that Vandus Hammerhand first fought Korghos Khul as a Stormcast Eternal.[2a]