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The Phalanxes are the armies of the Idoneth Deepkin. Each Idoneth Enclave maintains one or more phalanxes, both for defence from attacks from sea creatures or invaders and for prosecution of wars and soul-raids.[1b]


Most phalanxes follow a fairly standard structure, though some enclaves maintain a limited number of specialized formations based on their unique strengths or local resources and wildlife. When at war, specialized phalanxes are often employed when required, such as siege battalions consisting primarily of Leviadons. Similarly, under-strength phalanxes may find themselves combined with other under-strength units, resulting in atypical compositions.[1b]

It is not uncommon for phalanxes to split into demi-phalanxes - for both a raid and garrison duty, for example - and likewise for its composite battalions to split into two corps of troops.[1b]


A phalanx is typically led by a Royal Council or Triumverate made up of an Akhelian King and two Isharann: a Tidecaster and a Soulscryer. Any one of the three may be officially the overall commander of the formation, but the members generally defer the one with the most expertise for the current situation, for example, the Tidecaster when the phalanx is on the march or the Akhelian King when battle is joined.[1a][1b]

Standing apart from the leadership triumvirate is the phalanx's Isharann Soul Warden. The Soul Warden does not travel to the battlefield, but rather is responsible for planning and provisioning the phalanx as well as coordinating with the other non-combatant Isharann Fanes. They determine when raids are needed to replenish the fading souls of the Namarti and tally and distribute the captured energies from successful raids.[1b]


A typical phalanx contains three Akhelian battalions and three Namarti auxiliary battalions. Traditionally, the first battalion of each type contains the most veteran warriors while the third contains new recruits. Small [1b]

Akhelian Battalions

Akhelian battalions normally contain a Leviadon supported by several mounted Akhelian Guard and Akhelian Allopex units. They form the fast-moving spear-tip of the phalanx, breaking enemy lines and shattering their resolve.[1b][1c]

Namarti Battalions

Though they are often called auxiliary battalions, the Namarti formations make up the bulk of the phalanx's manpower. They are used as skirmishers in advance of the Akhelians, if necessary, in wave attacks. Isharann Soulrenders typically lead these formations, and prior to battle often enact rituals to bind the Namarti to them, enhancing their powers of reinvigoration.[1a][1b][1d]


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